What is special in SGT, Why Faculty of Law at SGT

  1. Experienced teachers from reputed Universities;
  2. Curricula and syllabi at par with National Law Universities;
  3. Faculty offers interaction with distinguished Lawyers and Law Firms for Live Case Handling Experience;
  4. Collaborations and Association with Foreign Professors;
  5. Teaching Foreign Legal System to face the challenges of Globalization;
  6. Maximum Number of opportunities for interaction with Legal Luminaries through seminars,
  7. Conferences and interactive sessions;
  8. MoUs with Professional Institutions like Indian National Bar Association, CIRC, etc;
  9. Inbuilt coaching modules for Judicial Services and Civil Services Examination.

The faculty of Law came in to existence with its approval by the Bar Council of India vide its letter no. BCI: D: 336 /2014 (LE) dated 15/5/2014.

SGT University felt the need to establish this Faculty of Law for providing highest quality professional legal education to equip Indian students for a trans-national practice and to face challenges posed by globalization.

The Faculty of Law offers the following programmes


The Faculty of Law comprises of very eminent faculty members with rich experience of working in premier universities of the country. The Faculty of Law adopts clinical method of teaching to hone up lawyering, arbitration, mediation and client counselling skills. The Faculty of Law follows a continuous evaluation scheme wherein mooting is made a mandatory part of the curriculum to enable students to acquire marks/grades by arguing case

Core values


Dedication – In whatever we do

Honesty – In all walks of life

Humane Approach – To every issue

Integrity – In adherence to a strict moral/ethical code

Respect – For all

Selflessness – In service to humanity

Sincerity – In everything we commit



The Faculty of Law at SGT University was established in the year 2014 with the mission of providing quality legal education to students coming from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. Our main objective is to provide a stimulating and academically rich environment to students, so that they can be groomed into becoming enlightened and hardworking legal professionals to compete with the best at the National and International levels.



The Faculty of Law aspires to create legal professionals dedicated towards advancing human dignity, promoting social welfare and providing justice to the aggrieved people. Our aim is to build a world class law school which would produce competent lawyers, judges, academicians, legal consultants and civil servants to implement judiciously the ideals and aspirations as enshrined under the Constitution of India.


  • List of corporate associations for placement drive and tie ups

Faculty of Law has signed MoUs with the following Professional                              Associations/Institutions:

  1. Indian National Bar Association, New Delhi
  2. CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition, New Delhi
  • Job prospects after BA/BBA LLB courses

BA LL.B (Honor’s); BBA LLB (Honor’s) & LLB (Honor’s)

Apart from entering into legal practice as a litigating lawyer, law graduates today have the option to join the legal profession and work as a Law Officer/Legal Advisor/Legal Executive in various Government and Private Institutions. Large corporate houses, multinational corporations, Banks, Insurance Companies, LPOs and NGOs are recruiting law graduates directly from the campuses and therefore, legal professionals are in high demand at very handsome remuneration packages. Many Young Lawyers wish to join the very prestigious Judicial Service or Civil Services.

  • Description about corporate and industrial visit programs.

SGT Law School believes in experiential and clinical legal education and follows some of the most advanced practical pedagogical techniques for imparting legal instructions. Visits to various offices/institutions such as Courts, Parliament, Prison, Police station etc. are an essential part of our experiential learning program.

  • Description on Industry Oriented course Oriented curriculum

SGT University is one of the few law schools which offer a trimester pattern in which a student gets opportunity of internship thrice in a year. It makes the student ready for the profession after completion of 15 internships at the end of 5 year degree programme. Students at SGT University Faculty of Law will have practical experience of working with lawyers in courts for a duration of 1 year and 3 months during the 5 year study period. This will help them to become practice ready lawyers unlike students from other law schools, where they get experience in court room only after completing their graduation in law.

 Special Add-on courses divided in Semester/Years

The Faculty of Law follows a cafeteria approach in selecting courses of specialization. One can select specialization in Corporate Law or International Trade Law or Constitutional Law or Criminal Law depending upon ones wish and career options. In the final year, students are offered the following special add-on courses like:

US Legal System, European Union Law, English Legal System, and one Foreign Language (French/German)

USP of  the Faculty:

1) Outreach Programmes

With the aim to promote the legal education through community participation, various group projects are organized through nukkad Natak, Awareness camps at schools, campaigns etc by law faculty through law students and faculties in urban as well as rural areas.

Some of the recently conducted group projects are on following topics:

  • Organized Voting Awareness Campaign, village Wazirabad Gurugram
  • Provided Free Legal Aid to under privileged people of Budhera, Gurugram with District Legal Service Authority
  • Performed Nukkad Natak based on Consumer Rights in India.
  • Organized Legal Awareness Camp of Govternment, Budhera based on the theme of Offences Against Children
  • Organized Legal Awareness Camp in nearby areas based on Domestic Violence and Dowry Death.

Upcoming/ Planned Events:

  • Mediation and Conciliation Centre to resolve disputes and to provide free legal aid to under privileged students
  • Anti- child Labour camp in nearby areas
  • Environmental Awareness camp in nearby areas.
  • Awareness Camp for Prevention of Female Foeticides.

2) Seminars and Conferences-

  • The Faculty of Law has organised an International conference in collaboration with the National University of Malaysia on Academic Leadership, Freedom and Research Ethics in Law and Social Sciences: perspectives of India and Malaysia with an aim to educate students with the recent trends on Academic Practices, Academic Freedom in Research Ethics in Law and Social Sciences.
  • Various seminars on Cyber Law, Alternate Dispute Resolution, Women law, Environmental law, Juvenile Justice are conducted in order to expand the horizons of knowledge in the field of law

3) Internships-

The faculty of Law conducts summer and winter internships where students are sent to Law Firms, District Courts, High Court and Supreme Court, Multi- National Companies and various Tribunals. Such internships give students a lot of practical exposure, gain skills.