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Welcome to Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law at SGT University is situated in a fully-developed institutional area with modern infrastructure and academic environment. Well-equipped smart classrooms, a seminar hall, a girls’ common room, and a common reading room, as well as a Legal Aid Cell, and a Grievance & Counseling Cell, have been designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of students.” should be “SGT University’s Faculty of Law is located in a state-of-the-art institutional area that boasts a modern infrastructure and a stimulating academic atmosphere. The Faculty is equipped with cutting-edge smart classrooms, a seminar hall, a girls’ common room, and a common reading room. Additionally, a Legal Aid Cell and a Grievance & Counseling Cell have been meticulously crafted to cater to the specific needs and requirements of students.

Access to justice is a fundamental human rightenshrined in the Constitution of India and the legalsystems worldwide, and it is crucial for the functioningof a just and equitable society. In recent years, OnlineDispute Resolution (ODR) has emerged as atransformative tool to bridge the gap between theneed for justice and its actual accessibility, especiallyin commercial matters. ODR leverages technology toprovide a more efficient, cost-effective, andaccessible means of resolving disputes. It has thepotential to offer them a platform for addressing theirconcerns in a timely and user-friendly manner.

Why Faculty of Law?

Industry Linkages

Law faculty has active industry linkages to provide student exposure.

Semester Internships

Students pursue internships each semester.

Resource Engagements

Visits to key resources persons at the Parliament, Supreme Court of India, etc. organized regularly.

Legal Outreach

Legal aid and awareness programs for students.


Welcome to SGT University's Faculty of Law! Our community is unique and engaged, and I'm excited to introduce it to you. Lawyers and legal professionals make a real difference every day. Society looks to the legal profession for leadership on tough issues like balancing liberty with security, promoting equality, ensuring fair markets, protecting the environment, and preserving free expression and religious liberty. People choose our law school for various reasons. Some seek the best education; others value location; and the rest seek specialized programs. SGT University's Faculty of Law offers all these benefits and more. Will you join a supportive community?We believe in using the law for positive change and promoting ethical lawyers who help underserved communities. Our faculty is exceptional, prioritizing students needs first. We keep class sizes optimal and mix full-time faculty with top lawyers. Our goal is to shape highly skilled, ethical lawyers. We're committed to your growth, in and out of the classroom.Explore our website to see the possibilities of a Law School education. Better yet, visit us in person to learn more.

Dr. Richa Chaudhary

Dean, Faculty of Law

Program Highlights

Moot court competitions and advocacy skills workshops
Regular internships and placement fairs
Curriculum at par with National Law Universities
Interaction with Lawyers and Law Firms for Live Case Handling Experience

Programs Offered

SGT University’s Faculty of Law was established in 2014 to provide students with high-quality education in Legislative Law and prepare them to compete at national and international levels. The faculty is recognized by The Bar Council of India and the Government of Haryana.

With values such as dedication, honesty, integrity, respect, selflessness, and sincerity, the Faculty of Law provides Indian students with a professional legal education that equips them for transnational practice and globalisation challenges.

The faculty offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, including a library dedicated solely to the law faculty and a “Moot Court” that simulates a court hearing. Students also gain practical experience through summer and winter internships in various law firms, district courts, high courts, the Supreme Court, MNCs, and various tribunals.

The Law faculty offers five courses, including “UG, PG, and PhD in Law”, making it one of the best law colleges in Delhi NCR. Its graduates land placements in top law firms, MNCs, and NGOs, a testament to the institution’s commitment to providing the best possible legal education. Choosing to study at SGT University’s Faculty of Law is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to make their mark in the legal profession.


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