Welcome to the Faculty of Law

Lawyers play an important part in society. They help individuals, groups, and organisations by offering valuable services to solve their legal problems. Therefore, a good lawyer must have a broader understanding of the various laws and society in general for providing quality legal services.

The Faculty of Law at SGT University was established in the year 2014 with the mission of providing quality legal education to students coming from diverse social and cultural backgrounds.

Career Opportunities

  • Litigation Attorney
  • Corporate Counsellor
  • Legal Advisor
  • Legal welfare Officer
  • Corporate Law Practioner
  • Civil Services
  • Judicial services
  • Legal Associate, Multinational Corporations
  • Legal Consultancies
  • Law Officer in government institutions
  • Academics & Research
  • Legal Publishing & Media
  • Young Professionals, Government Organisations/ Ministries
  • Human Rights Activists

Highlights of the Program

Keeping in the mind the need of industry, some of the specific papers are specially incorporated in the UG Programs, which are below mentioned:

  • Law relating to International Investment
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Medical Law
  • Infrastructure Law
  • Law relating to Artificial Intelligence


The Faculty of Law aspires to create legal professionals dedicated to advancing human dignity, promoting social welfare, and providing justice to the aggrieved people. We aim to build a world-class law school that would produce competent lawyers, judges, academicians, legal consultants, and civil servants to implement the ideals and aspirations as enshrined under the Constitution of India.


To provide a stimulating and academically rich environment to our students, so that they can be groomed into becoming enlightened and hardworking legal professionals to compete with the best at the national and international levels.