Ordinance relating to One year LL.M. Degree Programme

This Ordinance has been made in accordance with the UGC Guidelines for Introduction of One year Degree Programme, 2012 (hereinafter referred as the UGC Guidelines) and in the event of any inconsistency between the provisions of this Ordinance and the said UGC Guidelines, the later shall prevail.

  1. Duration of the Course: The duration of the LL.M. Degree Programme shall be One year                              comprising two Semesters. The maximum time for completion of the Programme shall be 3 academic years provided that, in exceptional cases of hardship, the Academic Council may extend the maximum time for a further period of one year.
  2. Admission:
  • Admission to the one-year LL.M. Degree shall be based on an All India Admission Test conducted every year by the University.
  • No student shall be eligible for admission to LL.M. One year Programme unless he/she has passed in the examination conducted by any recognized University leading to the award of LL.B. Degree and has secured minimum 50% of marks in aggregate in the same.
  • The admission to One year LL.M. programme shall be based on merit decided on the basis of an All India Admission Test conducted specifically for this purpose, with the objective of testing aptitude for teaching/research, legal reasoning, and comprehension/basic legal knowledge. The Admissions Test will be for 70% of total marks of the test and the rest of 30% will be equally distributed on the basis of work experience, publications, and statement of purpose. The 30% weightage to be given to applicants for preparing the merit list of the University will be determined by the University.
  • The medium of the Admission Test shall be English.
  • The candidates whose name appear in the Merit list for admission to the M. One year Programme shall have to take admission by 10th August and no candidate shall be admitted after 30th September.
  1. Minimum hours of teaching: Each Semester shall have at least 18 weeks of teaching/research/practical.
  1. The Course Structure /Curriculum:The course structure/curriculum for One-Year LL.M. shall have the following components:
  1. Foundation/Compulsory Papers (3 papers of three Credits each)
  2. Optional/Specialization Papers (6 papers of two Credits each)
  • Dissertation (three Credits) Total               24 Credits

4.1 Foundation/ Compulsory Papers

  1. Research Methods and Legal Writing
  2. Comparative Public Law/Systems of Governance
  3. Law and Justice in a Globalizing World

4.2 Following Specialization shall be offered to the students

  1. M. (Corporate and Commercial Law)
  2. M. (Criminal and Security Law)

4.3.The Specialization Papers shall be selected by the Centre for Post- Graduate Legal Studies (CPGLS) from the cluster of the relevant Specialization subjects mentioned in Annexure to the said UGC Guidelines.

  1. Centre for Post- Graduate Legal Studies (CPGLS):
  • The University shall establish a Centre for Post-Graduate Legal Studies (CPGLS) having full time qualified and experienced faculty members of not less than 10 numbers consisting of minimum 04 Professors/Associate Professors in Law and other necessary research personnel, and sufficient non teaching staff.
  • The Professors/Associate Professors shall form a Committee, and would be formulated courses to be offered keeping in view that they are not just improved version of those of subjects already studied at Graduate level.
  • The Curriculum shall be updated.
  • Teaching methods include the tutorials, seminars, fieldwork, projects,      clinics and other such activities.
  • The ratio of students admitted to LL.M. shall not be more than 5    students to one Professor/Associate Professor.
  1. Examination:All examinations shall be conducted by the Centre; the Schedule of Examination shall be notified by the Centre along with Academic Calendar in     the first week of every Semester.
  1. Evaluation of students: The evaluation of students shall be on the basis of following two segments.

7.1 Continuous valuation by the concerned teacher           –           50%

7.2 Evaluation through Semester Examination                    –           50%

  1. Grades and Divisions: After the evaluation, only Grades shall be allotted to the students for the LL.M. One year Degree Course. A Student shall be eligible for the award of LL.M degree only when he/she has passed by securing at least B Grade (above average i.e. 50% & above on the 8 letter grade system followed by the University. List of paper in each semester i.e. Semester I and Semester II is here with attached.