LL.B (Hons.) 3Year IV White Collar Crime  



Module – I            Introduction

  • Nature, Concept & Scope of White Collar Crime
  • Classification of White Collar Crime
  • Sutherland’s view on White Collar Crime
  • Criticism of Sutherland’s view on White Collar Crime

Module – II           White Collar Crime in India

2.1  Hoarding, Black-marketing & Adulteration

2.2  Tax evasion

2.3  White collar crime in different professions – Medical,  Engineering, Legal, Educational Institutions                   2.4   White collar crime in Business

2.5   Fake employment / placement rackets

Module – III         Remedies to combat White Collar crime

  • White collar crime vs. Traditional crime
  • Judicial response to White collar crime
  • Remedial measures to curb White Collar Crimes

Module – IV         The Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988

4.1     Salient features of the Act

4.2     Offences committed by Public Servant & bribe giver

4.3     Sanction for Prosecution

4.4    Presumption where public servant accepts gratification

4.5    Prosecution and Penalties


Module – V           The Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 

5.1     Salient features of the Act

5.2    Definition & Scope of Money Laundering

5.3    Survey, Search & Seizure, Attachment

5.4    Powers to arrest under the Act

5.5    Adjudication by the Adjudicating authorities & Special Courts

5.6    Obligation of banking companies, financial institutions and Intermediaries


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  3. Seth and Capoor, Prevention of Corruption Act with a treatise on Anti- Corruption Laws (3rd Ed., 2000)
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