LLB (Hons.) 3 Year


Public International Law



Module I     Definition & Scope of International Law

  • Definition & Scope of International Law
  • Nature of International Law
  • International Law is a Weak Law
  • Differences between Public & Private International Law

Module II   Subjects of International Law

2.1       Status of International Organizations

2.2       Place of Individuals in International Law

– Holder of Rights

– Duties of Individuals

– Procedural Capacity of Individuals

2.3       Relationship between International Law & Municipal Law

Module III Sources of International Law

3.1       International Customs

3.2       International Treaties

3.3       General Principles of Law

3.4       Judicial Decisions & Juristic Works

3.5       Resolutions of General Assembly

Module IV Recognition, Law of the Sea

4.1       Meaning & Theories of Recognition

4.2   De Facto & De Jure Recognition

4.3   Express, Implied & Conditional Recognition

4.4   Withdrawal & Retroactivity of Recognition

4.5   Territorial Sea, Contiguous Zone, Continental Shelf& Exclusive  Economic Zone, High Seas

Module V    Extradition, Asylum 

5.1        Meaning definition and basic principle of extradition

5.2        Consequence of no-extradition of political crimes

5.3        Meaning and definition of asylum

5.4        Types of asylum; territorial & non- territorial

5.5        Relationship between extradition and asylum

Module VI  International Organizations

6.1      The United Nations & its Organs

6.2  The International Court of Justice

6.3  International Criminal Court

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