LLB (Hons.) 3 year IV Property Law  



Module – I          

Meaning of:  Immovable Property, Attestation, Registered, Actionable Claim and Notice

Definition of Transfer of Property; What may be transferred?; Persons competent to transfer; Operation of transfer; Conditions restraining alienation; Restrictions repugnant to interest created

Transfer for benefit of unborn person; Rule against perpetuity

Vested Interest and Contingent Interest.

Module – II

Election and Apportionment; Restricted Covenants; Transfer by ostensible owner; Transfer by unauthorised person who subsequently acquires interest in property transferred

Fraudulent Transfer, Improvements made by person under defective Title,

Doctrine of lis pendens;  Part performance.

Module – III        

Sale of immovable property; Definition of sale and Contract to sell, Rights and liabilities of buyer and seller; Marshalling by subsequent purchaser

Definition of Mortgage, Kinds of mortgage, mortgagor, mortagage, mortgage money, mortagage deed


Right of redemption of mortgagor; Equity of redemption; Right to foreclosure or sale, Subrogation; Prohibition of Tacking; Marshalling and Contribution.

Module – IV

Definition of Lease; kind of lease; Distinction between Lease and License, modes of creation and determination of lease,

Exchange; Transfer of Actionable Claims,

Definition of gift; Modes of creation of gift, Suspension and Revocation of gift; Onerous gift; Universal donee

Module – V

Indian Easement Act, 1882.

Definition and essential features of easement; Kinds of easement; Imposition, Acquisition and Transfer of Easements


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