LLB (Hons.)3 Year IV Labour& Industrial




Module I : Aims and Objects of the Industrial Disputes Act. 1947

1.1  Investigation & Settlement of Industrial Disputes – General (section3-15)    1.2  Dispute Settlement Machinery: Conciliation and Adjudication

  1. Conciliation/Mediation as a Dispute Settlement Mechanism
  2. Adjudication : Voluntary Adjudication/Arbitration and Compulsory Adjudication

Module II : Reference of the Industrial Dispute

  • Nature & Scope of the Power of the Appropriate Government under section10, 10A
  • Jurisdiction of Adjudicatory Authorities.

Module III : Awards and Settlements

  • Settlement: Nature, Duration and Termination
  • Awards: Nature and Duration
  • Judicial Review of Industrial Awards

Module IV : Managerial Prerogative

Domestic Enquiry and Disciplinary actions with special reference to the Industrial employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946

Module V : Powers of the Adjudicatory Authorities

          Power in cases of Discharge/Dismissal (section 11A)

Module VI : Restraints on Managerial Prerogatives (section 33, 33A)

General Reading:

  1. Report of the National Commission on Labour (1969)
  2. Report of the Second National Commission on Labour (2002)
  3. Report of the Committee on Fair Wages (1948)

 Prescribed Legislations:

  1. The Industrial Disputes Act. 1947
  2. The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act. 1946



Module-VII (i) The Minimum Wages Act, 1948

Concept; kinds- (a) Minimum wage; (b) Fair Wage; (c) Living Wage

Machinery under the Act for the Fixation of Minimum Wage


(ii)  The Payment of Wages Act, 1936

Salient Features, Authorised deductions (sec. 7-13), Authority for Adjudication of claims: (sec 17- 18), Penalty for offences under the Act.

Module VIII: Social Security; The Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923 (Sec.1-10, 12, 14, 14A, 17,20 & 25)

 The Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923: Definitions, Aims & Object, Liability of Employer, Notional Extension & Defences, Determination of Amount of compensation, Compensation when due-Penalty for default, Contracting Out (Sec.17), Appointment & Powers of Commissioner (Sec.19-31)


Prescribed Books:

  1. P. Malhotra, The Law of Industrial Disputes (6th ed., 2004)
  2. B. Pai, Labour law in India (2001)
  3. L. Malik (Rev.), K.D. Srivastava’s Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act. 1946 (4th ed., 2000)
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Prescribed Legislations:

  1. The Minimum Wages Act. 1948
  2. The Payment of Wages Act. 1936