LL.B (Hons.) 3Year IV Interpretation of Statutes  



Module – I            Introduction to Interpretation of Statutes

  • Meaning of Interpretation of Statutes
  • Objects & Kinds of Interpretation of Statutes

1.3   General theories of Interpretation of Statutes 

Module – II           Rules of Statutory Interpretation

2.1  Primary Rules

Literal or Grammatical Rule

Golden Rule

Mischief Rule (Rule in the Heydon’s case)

Purposive Rule

2.2   Secondary Rules or Subsidiary Rules of Interpretation

Noscitur a Sociis

Ejusdem Generis

Reddando Singula Singulis

Module – III         Aids to Interpretation

3.1  Internal Aids

Definitions; Interpretation clauses General Clauses Act


Exceptions and saving clauses

3.2  External Aids


Travaux preparatoires or surrounding circumstances

Parliamentary History

Module – IV         Commencement of Statutes; Retrospective effect of Statutes, Repeals and Temporary Statutes

4.1   Commencement of Statutes

4.2   Retrospective effect of Statutes

4.3   Consequences of Repeals

4.4    Temporary Statutes

Module – V   Interpretation with reference to the subject matter of Statutes

5.1   Taxing Statutes

5.2   Penal Statutes

5.3    Remedial and Beneficial Statutes

Module – VI         Interpretation of Constitutional

6.1  Harmonious Construction – Generalis Specialibus Non Derogant

6.2  Interpretation of Fundamental Rights

The rule of Severability

Doctrine of Eclipse

Doctrine of Waiver

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