LL.B (Hons.) 3 Year


Family Law – I



Module – I  Introduction to Personal Laws

  1. Sources of Hindu Law
    • Ancient Sources – Shrutis & Smritis, Commentaries & Digest, Custom
    • Modern Sources – Judicial Decisions , Legislations, Equity, Justice and Good Conscience 
  1. Sources of Muslim Law

2.1       Primary Sources – Quran, Sunnat, Ahadis, Ijma, Qiyas

2.2       Secondary Sources – Custom, Judicial Decision, Legislation, Equity, Justice and Good Conscience

  1. Schools of Hindu Law & Muslim Law

Module – II Marriage Laws

  1. Marriage under Hindu Law
    • Nature , Definition and Forms of Marriage
    • Conditions for Marriage & Registration of Marriage
    • Marriage Ceremonies and proof of Marriage
    • Degree of Prohibited relationship and Sapinda relationship
    • Grounds of Void & Voidable Marriage
  1. Marriage under Muslim Law
    • Definition, Nature and Scope of Muslim Marriage (Nikah)
    • Difference between Hindu & Muslim Marriage
    • Essential Conditions of Muslim Marriage
    • Classification of Muslim Marriage
    • Distinction between Shia & Sunni Law of Marriage 

Module – III         Dissolution of Marriage

  1. Judicial Separation & Restitution of Conjugal Rights
  2. Dissolution of Marriage under Hindu Law
  • Nullity of Marriage
  • Grounds of Divorce & Wife’s Special Grounds for Divorce
  • Divorce by Mutual Consent
  • Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage
  1. Dissolution of Marriage under Muslim Law
    • Essentials of Talaq
    • Modes of Talaq
    • Judicial Separation under The Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act, 1939
    • Distinction between Shia & Sunni Law of Divorce

Module – IV         Maintenance and Adoption

  1. Maintenance under Hindu Law
    • Provisions under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
    • Provisions under the Hindu Adoption & Maintenance Act, 1956
    • Provisions under the Cr.P.C, 1973
  2. Maintenance under Muslim Law
    • Maintenance to Muslim Wife
    • Divorced Wife’s Right to Maintenance under Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986
    • Maintenance to Muslim Children
  3. Adoption under Hindu Law
    • Who may adopt, who may give in adoption and who can be adopted
    • Ceremonies of Adoption & Effects of Adoption
    • Relationship of Adopted Child & Proof of Adoption

Module – V Guardianship

  1. Guardianship of person– Natural, Testamentary and Guardian appointed by court
  2. Guardianship of minors property
  3. Defacto Guardian
  4. Guardianship under Muslim Law
    • Meaning , Appointment and Removal of Guardianship
    • Kinds of guardianship- guardianship in marriage, person and property 

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