BBA.LLB (Hons.) 5Yr.


Marketing Management


Marketing Management

Module- 1    Understanding Marketing Management 

  • Importance & scope of marketing, Company orientations towards market place, fundamental marketing concepts, trends& tasks. 

Module- 2    Building Customer Satisfaction, Value and Retention 

  • Customer value and satisfaction, value chain, value-delivery, attracting and retaining customers.
  • Customer profitability, company profitability and total quality management. 

Module- 3              Market Orientation and Strategic Planning

3.1         Concept of strategic planning, business unit strategic planning, the marketing process.

3.2        Product planning: the nature and concepts of a marketing plan. 

Module-4               Developing Marketing Strategies and plans

4.1     Marketing and customer value, Corporate and division strategic planning, business unit strategic planning, scanning the environment.

4.2     Conducting Marketing research and forecasting demand.  

Module-5               Analyzing Consumer Markets and Buyers Behavior

5.1     Introduce Consumer Markets, factors influencing buyer behavior.

5.2     The process of buying decision; stages of the buying decision process. 


Module-6      Identifying Market Segments and Selecting Target Markets

6.1     Market Segmentation, bases for segmentation of consumer & business market.

6.2     Market targeting, positioning, creating brand equity. 

Module-7      Setting the Product and Branding Strategies

7.1       Product and product mix.

7.2       Branding, building brand, challenges and tools to build a brand.

7.3       Packaging and labeling. 

Module-8      Developing Price Strategies and Program 

  • Setting of product strategy and managing service.
  • Development of price strategy and programs. 

Module-9     Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relations and Direct Marketing

9.1     Development and managing of advertising program, deciding on media platform, Sales promotion.

  • Define Public Relations, Direct Marketing with the process. 

Module-10     Tapping into Global Market

10      Entering global markets, managing holistic marketing organization

Suggested Readings

Marketing Management- Philip Kotler

Marketing Management- Tapan K Panda

Marketing Management- Rajan Saxena