BBA.LL.B (Hons.) 5 Year IV Legal & Constitutional History  



Module-1:   The East India Company and its early settlements

1.1         The early Charters (Charters of 1600 and 1687)

1.2         Administration of Justice in Madras, Bombay and   Calcutta before 1726

1.3         Charter of 1726 and Establishment of Mayor’s Court

1.4         Distinction between Charter of 1687 and 1726

1.5         Charter of 1753 

Module-2:   The Beginning of the Adalat System

The Judicial Plans of 1772 and 1774 introduced by Warren Hastings

Module–3: The Supreme Court at Calcutta

  • The Regulating Act, 1773 and the Establishment of Supreme Court at Calcutta

3.2         Conflict between Supreme Court & Governor General and his Council

  • Cases:

(a) Trial of Raja Nand Kumar

(b) Patna Case, and

(c) Cossijurah Case

3.4       The Act of Settlement, 1781

 Module: 4: Adalat System

Adalat System under Lord Cornwallis, Judicial Plans of 1787, 1790, 1793 

Module-5:   The High Court

5.1     Dual Judicature before 1861

5.2     Indian High Courts Act, 1861

5.3    Codification of Law: First, Second and Third Law Commissions

5.4    The Lex Loci Report

 Module-6:   The Government of India Act

6.1     The Government of India Act,1858

6.2     Indian Councils Act,1861

6.3     Indian Councils Act, 1892

6.4     Indian Councils Act,1909 (Morely Minto Reforms)

6.5     Government of India Act, 1919

6.6     Government of India Act, 1935

Module 7:   The Indian Independence Act, 1947

 7.1     Effects of the Indian Independence Act

7.2  Constitutional Position of the Indian States after the Independence Act, 1947

 Module 8:   Shaping of the Indian Constitution

 Constituent Assembly of India

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  2. Outlines of Indian Legal & Constitutional History by M.P. Jain, Lexis Nexis
  3. Legal & Constitutional History of India: An essential revision aid for law student by Universal law series
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