BBA.LLB (Hons.) 5 Yr.


Law Of Contract – II (Special Contract)


Law Of Contract – II (Special Contract)

Module – I  Contracts of Indemnity

  • Meaning of Contract of Indemnity
  • Rights of Indemnity holder
  • Time of commencement of Indemnifier’s Liability
  • Are Insurance Contracts the Contracts of Indemnity?

Module – II Contracts of Guarantee

  • Meaning & Features of Contract of Guarantee
  • Difference between a Contract of Indemnity & Contract of


  • Nature & Extent of Surety’s Liability
  • Meaning & Revocation of Continuing Guarantee
  • Rights of Surety against Principal Debtor,
  • Creditor & Co-Surety

Module – III         Contracts of Bailment

  • Definition & Essentials of Contract of Bailment
  • Duties of Bailor
  • Duties of Bailee’s
  • Rights of the Bailee& General & Particular Lien
  • Duties & Rights of Finder of Goods

Module – IV         Contracts of Pledge

  • Definition of Pledge & Distinction between Bailment & Pledge
  • Rights of Pledgee
  • Pledging of goods by Non-Owners

Module – V Contracts of Agency 

5.1       Meaning & Essentials of Contract of Agency

5.2      Different kinds of Agents- Auctioneers, Brokers & DelCredere  Agents

5.3      Extent of Agent’s Authority – Actual, Apparent, Authority in Emergency

5.4      Duties of Agent

5.5     Termination of Agency

Module – VI         Specific Relief Act 

6.1     Recovering Possession of Property (S.5-8)

6.2     Specific Performance of Contracts (S.9-24)

6.3      Rectification of Instruments (S.26)

6.4     Rescission of Contracts (S.27-30)

6.5     Cancellation of Instruments (S.31-33)

6.6    Declaratory Decrees (S.34-35)

6.7      Preventive Relief or Injunctions (S. 36-44) 

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