BBA.LLB (Hons.) 5 Yrs.


Human Resource Management


 Human Resource Management


The objective of the course is to familiarize students with the different aspects of managing Human Resources in the organization through the phases of acquisition, development and retention.

Module I 

Introduction: History & Evolution of HRM, Concept, Scope, Characteristics, Objectives & Importance of HRM, Personnel Management vs. HRM.

Case study: Conceptualize and get sacked   

Module II 

Acquisition of Human Resources: Concept of Human resource Planning, Objectives, Need and importance, Process of Human Resource planning, Problems in Human Resource Planning, Requisites for successful Human Resource Planning.

Job Analysis: Introduction, Uses of Job Analysis, Process of Job Analysis, Job Description and Job Specification.

Recruitment: Introduction to recruitment, Factors governing Recruitment, Process & Sources of recruitment

Selection: Meaning of Selection, Steps in selection process, Selection Tests & Interviews

Placement, Induction & Job Changes: Concept of Placement, Concept of Induction, Concept of Transfer, types of transfer, Concept of Promotion, Promotion Policy

Case Study: A tale of Twists and Turns 

Module III     

Training: Concept and importance of training; types of training; methods of training; designing of a training programme; evaluation of training effectiveness

Executive Development: Concept, process and techniques.

Career planning and development: Concept, objectives and process.

Case Study: Vishal Fast Foods Private Ltd.

Module IV 

Job evaluation: Concept & Essentials of Job Evaluation, Methods of Job evaluation.

Performance Appraisal:  Concept, importance, process of performance Appraisal, methods of Performance Appraisal, Job evaluation Vs. Performance Appraisal.

Compensation: Introduction to Compensation Management, Objectives & Components of Compensation. 

Case Study: Should Job Evaluation plan be specific or General 

Module V 

  • International Dimensions of Human Resource Management: Introduction to International Human Resource Management, understanding role of cultural in International Management Practice; HRM Practices as a cultural variable. International HRM on Productivity, Quality of Work Life and Bottom Line 

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