BBA.LLB (Hons.) 5 Yr.




English – I

Course Introduction:  This course will address all language skills, with emphasis on grammar, comprehension, writing skills, speaking, interactive skills and basic legal vocabulary. Students will learn to write correctly, express accurately, speak more fluently and thus be better equipped to participate actively and skillfully in their law school classes seminars and project presentations. 

Course Objective: To make students to:

  1. participate actively in discussions, debates, & simulations
  1. give impromptu speeches and prepared presentations
  2. read, comprehend and summarize articles
  3. learn common legal vocabulary and collocations as well as key legal concepts
  4. learn typical formats for writing and practice writing skills
  5. prepare power-point presentations
  6. receive extensive feedback on their oral and written skills

Course Outcome: After completing the course the students shall be able to understand English better, write accurately and speak fluently. Their strength in English language would help them participate actively in debates and simulations and their knowledge of legal vocabulary, legal terms and legal maxims will help them to understand legal concept better and also give them ability to write in a legal context.

Module I     Grammar and Translation

  • Construction of sentences with there is, there are, it is etc.
  • Negative and Interrogative sentences
  • Usage of articles, tenses, prepositions, and modals etc.
  • Translation of sentences, & passages from Hindi to English

Module II   Common Errors in English

  • Errors in use of parts of speech
  • Correct usages with regard to tenses
  • Subject verb concord
  • General errors in Sentence Constructions

Module III  Vocabulary building

  • Synonyms, Antonymous, use of appropriate words
  • Words often confused/ Homonyms & Homophones
  • Foreign words used in law
  • Idioms & Phrases
  • Legal terms

Module IV Reading, Listening, and Comprehension skills

  • Reading short passages aloud and discussion
  • Listening of conversations and answering questions
  • Comprehension of Short Passages
  • Comprehensions of legal texts, judgments and other passages of more general nature

Module V    Speaking skills

  • Introducing oneself
  • Conversations between two student on a given topic/role play
  • Impromptu speech on a given topics
  • Debates and Logical reasoning

Module VI  Writing skills

  • Writing correctly (Grammar, Punctuation)
  • Paragraph Writing
  • Letters – Structure & Layout (Business & Official letters)
  • Essay writing

Module VII Presentation Techniques

  • Preparing PowerPoint presentations
  • Preparing for class-room presentations
  • Resume writing
  • Impromptu speeches

Books Recommended

  1. Bansal, R.K. and J. B. Harrison. Spoken English for India: A Manual of Speech and Phonetics, Hyderabad: Orient Longman, 1983.
  2. S. Pit Corder, An Intermediate English Practice Book, Orient Longman, Hyderabad, 1996.
  3. S.C.Tripathi, Legal Language,Legal Writing and General English,Central Law Publications,New Delhi,2005.
  4. Thomson and Martinet, A practical English Grammar, OUP, Mumbai, 1970.
  5. Wren and Martin, English Grammar and Composition, S. Chand, Delhi, latest edition.
  6. The Merchant of Venice (Act–IV, the court scene) – William Shakespeare
  7. Gandhi BM, Legal Language and Legal Writing
  8. Raymond Murphy, Intermediate English Grammar, Cambridge University Press
  9. M.K. Gandhi, The Story of my Life
  1. K. Gandhi, Law and Lawyers