BBA.LLB (Hons.) 5 Yr
Business Policy & Strategic Management

Business Policy & Strategic Management 

Module 1. – Introduction to Business Strategy: Introduction, Concept of Business Strategy, Need for Business Strategy, Functions of Business Strategies 

Module 2. –  Business Policy: Introduction, Definition of Business Policy, Factors influencing Business Policy, Business Policy vs. Strategy, Policy decisions and their impact on Business Strategies 

Module 3. – Introduction to Strategic Management: Introduction, Strategic Management – Definition, Meaning and Role, Objectives of Strategic Management, Benefits of Strategic Management, Importance of Strategic Management, Causes for failure of Strategic Management 

Module 4. – Strategic Management Process: Introduction, Strategic Management Process, Strategic Vision and the role of a Strategist, Role of Strategic Management in Policy Making 

Module 5. – Strategic Analysis: Introduction, Strategic Analysis – definition, Need for Strategic Analysis & Environmental Scanning, Strategic thinkers & their contributions, Role of Strategic Analysis in Policy making 

Module 6. – Strategy Formulation: Introduction, Types of Strategies, Steps in Strategy Formulation, Core Competencies and their Importance in Strategy Formulation 

Module 7.  – Strategic Planning and Implementation: Introduction, Strategic Planning Process, Expansion or Growth, Mergers and Acquisitions, Issues in Strategy Implementation 

Module 8. – Strategic Leadership: Introduction, Leadership Functions, Leadership Traits, Leadership Styles, Strategic Leadership and Competitive Advantage


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