BBA.LLB (Hons.)
Business Ethics


Business Ethics


The basic objective of this paper is to familiarize students with the importance of values and ethics in business and, then, to apply those skills to the real and current challenges of professions. How to promote Ethic in Business- it’s action plan. 

Module-I         Introduction 

Values-Concept, types and formation of values, Values of Indian Managers, Ethics- development of ethics, ethical decision making and decision making process, relevance of ethics and values in business. 

Module-II    Management of Ethics 

Management process and ethics, managerial performance, ethical issues, ethos of Vedanta in management, Code of Ethics, Benefits of Ethical codes, AIMA Code of conduct for professional managers.

Module-III  Corporate Social Responsibility & Consumer Protection

Corporate responsibility of business: employees, consumers and comm. Moduley, Corporate Governance, Code of Corporate Governance, Consumerism, unethical issues, in sales, marketing and technology.

Module-IV Understanding Success 

Definitions of success, Principles for competitive success, prerequisites to create blue print for success. Successful stories of business gurus. 

Module-V  Concept of Dharma & Karma Yoga 

Concept of Karma and kinds of Karam Yoga, Nishkam Karma, and Sakam Karma. Total quality management, Quality of life and quality of work life. 

Text Books:

  1. Kaur, Tripat; Values & Ethics in Management, Galgotia Publishers.
  2. Chakraborty, S.K.; Human values for Managers

Reference Books:

  1. Chakraborty, S.K.; Ethics in Management: A Vedantic Perspective, Oxford University Press.
  2. Dr. F.C. Sharma Business Values & Ethics, Shree Mahavir Book Depot (Publisher)