BBA.LLB (Hons.) 5 Yr.


Business Environment


Business Environment

Module – I – Understanding Business Environment- Meaning, Nature & Scope.

Types of Business Environment- Internal & External Environment, Micro & Macro Environment

PESTEL & SWOT Analysis, Porter’s 5 force model

Types of business, Environmental Analysis 

Module – II Economic Environment of Business

Indian Perspective

Nature & Structure of Indian Economy, Economic Policies & Conditions,

Economic role of Government in India

Foreign Trade, Liberalization, Privatization, & Globalization. 

Module – III Financial Environment of Business

Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Capital Market, Money Market, Stock Exchange – An overview, Modes of Money inflow in an economy*

*-Topic covered under FDI AND FII in Module 2 

Module – IV Socio Culture Environment of Business

Business and Society, Social Objectives of Business, Corporate Social Responsibility, Consumer Rights & Corporate Governance. 

Module – V Legal Environment of Business

Indian Company Law, Competition policy and law, Patents & Trademarks, Industrial Policy- An overview, Labor Laws & Social Security, Business Ethics, Environmental Laws.