B.A.LLB (Hons.)

5 Year


Law of Tort (Including MV Accident Act & Consumer Protection Laws)




Module – I  Nature & Definition of Tort

  • Definition & Essential Conditions of Tort
  • Mental element in Tortuous Liability
  • General Defences in Tort – Volenti Non Fit Injuria, Plaintiff the wrongdoer, Inevitable accident, Act of God, Private Defence, Mistake, Necessity, Statutory authority

Module – II Negligence, Nuisance & Nervous Shock

2.1                   Meaning, Essentials of Negligence

2.2                   Kinds of Negligence – Contributory & Composite

2.3                   Res Ipsa Loquitur (Proof of Negligence)

2.4                   Defences to Negligence & Professional liability for Negligence

2.5                   Kinds of Nuisance – Public & Private Nuisance

2.6                   Defences to Nuisance

2.7                   Nervous Shock

Module – III         Defamation, Trespass, Malicious Prosecution

3.1                   Meaning & Essentials of Defamation

3.2                   Defences to Defamation

3.3                   Trespass to Person – Assault, Battery, false Imprisonment

3.4                   Trespass to Property

3.5                   Trespass to Goods– Detinue, Conversion

3.6                   Malicious Prosecution

Module – IV         Strict, Absolute & Vicarious Liability

4.1                   Strict / No Fault Liability

4.2                   Rule in Rylands v Fletcher & its applicability in India

4.3                   Rule of Absolute Liability (Rule in M.C Mehta Case)

4.4                   Meaning & Principles of Vicarious Liability and Vicarious Liability of State

Module – V           Remedies under Law of Torts

5.1                   Remedies under Law of Torts

5.2                   Remoteness of Damage

5.3                   Occupier’s Liability for Dangerous Premises

Module – VI         Consumer Protection Act& Motor Vehicles Act

6.1                   Meaning of Consumer & Deficiency in Service

6.2                   Consumer Protection Redressal Agencies

6.3                   Insurer’s Liability for Third Party Risk

6.4                   Extent of Liability of Insurer under MV Act, 1988

6.5                   Claims Tribunal

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