BA LLB (Hons) 5 Year
Jurisprudence – II



Module – I            Legal Rights & Duties

  1. Definition, Basis & Characteristics of Legal Rights & Duties
  2. Kinds of Legal Rights
  3. Relation between Rights & Duties 

Module – II           Principles of Liability

  1. Theories of Remedial Liability
  2. Theories of Penal Liability
  3. Liability & Negligence
  4. Absolute Liability 

Module – III         Personality 

  1. Concept of Legal person, Dead person & Corporate person
  2. Theories of Legal Personality: – Fiction Theory; Concession Theory; Bracket Theory; Realist Theory; Purpose Theory & Kelson’s Theory 

Module – IV         State, Sovereignty & Theories of Justice 

  1. Nature & Functions of State & its relationship with Law
  2. Nature & Development with Sovereignty
  3. Concept of Justice & Theories of Justice

Module – V           Feminist Legal Theory 

  1. Concept of Feminism
  2. Theories of Feminism
  3. Patriarchal System 

Module – VI         Possession & Ownership 

  1. Possession in Fact and Possession in Law
  2. Relation between Possession & Ownership
  3. Rights of Possessor and Kinds of Possession 

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