BA.LLB (Hons.) 5 Year







Aims at understanding various cultural heritages of our ancient India and to preserve our entity in the present trend of changing cultural phenomena. 

A new phase in Indian History began with the advent of the Arabs in Sindh in A.D.712. The Arabs brought a new religion, a new culture and civilization to the Indian Sub-Continent. The religion of the Arabs, Islam had tremendous lasting impact on India. The net results were Cultural amalgamation, blend and synthesis. The study of the paper will make the students understand a very important facet of Indian History in a new era in the history of India. 

Module I

Sources of Ancient Indian History – Pre – Historic Culture – The Indus Valley Civilization – Vedic Culture, Social Patterns – Religious Conditions – The Later Vedic Period, Social and Cultural patterns – position of women – caste system -Learning and Literature.

Module II

Religious ferment in the 6th Century B.C – Jainism and Buddhism – Repolarisation of Society – Education – Persian and Greek influences on Indian Society

Module III

Guptas and Maurayas– Art and Architecture – Religion and Society – Paintings –Sculpture –Education – Literature Advent of the Arabs – Social Change and life.

Module IV

Delhi Sulthane – Social Condition – Slave System – Literature Art and Architecture – 


Moghul Architecture and Society.

Social and Cultural Life Under Vijayanagar rule – Art and Architecture – social and cultural life under Bahmani Sultans – Art and Architecture.

Module VI

Bhakti Movement – Alwars and Nayanmars – Gurunanak – Kabir – Sufi Movement –Social and Culture life . 

Module VII

Colonialism in India.

India under East India Company.

The Great Revolt of 1857; Causes of the Revolt, the Social, Political and Religious Causes. 

Module VIII 

British Imperial Rule in India; The Government of India Act.1858,

Impact of British Rule  on the Social, Cultural Economic life of people in India. 

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