BA.LLB (Hons.) 5 Year
Corporate Law-II

 Corporate Law-II

Module-I: Share Capital

1.1  Issue and allotment of shares

1.2  Transfer and transmission of shares

1.3  Forfeiture and buyback of shares

1.4  Share certificate and share warrant

 Module-II:  Debentures & Charges

2.1 Borrowing Powers, effect of unauthorized borrowings

2.2  Debentures: Definition, Kinds, Distinction between Debenture and share.

2.3  Company Charges : Kinds of Charges, Crystallisation

2.4  Inter-corporate Loans (S-186)

2.5   Dividend: Rules & Procedure 

Module-III: Company Auditors, Investigation and Inspection

3.1   Legal Position, Appointment, Removal, Duties and Powers.

3.2   Distinction between Investigation and Inspection, Power of Inspection 

Module – IV:   Majority Rule and Rights of Minority shareholder.

4.1  The Rule in Foss v Harbottle, exceptions

4.2   Prevention of Oppression and Mismanagement 

Module- V:  Winding up of Companies.

5.1   Modes of Winding up, who may file petition of Winding up.

5.2  Winding up by Tribunal

5.3   Voluntary Winding up

5.4    Liability of past members 

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