BA.LLB (Hons.) 5 Year


Corporate Law-I



Corporate Law-I 

Module I:  Meaning, Nature & Classification of company

1.1     Meaning & Definition of company

1.2     Classification of companies: OPC, Body corporate, Private and Public Companies, Government companies, Foreign and Multinational companies.

1.3     Advantages & Disadvantages of incorporation – Lifting of Corporate Veil

1.4     Formation of Company – Promoters, Legal position, Rights& Liabilities of Promoters.

Module II: Memorandum of Association

2.1     Definition & Purpose of Memorandum

2.2     Contents of Memorandum

2.3     Doctrine of Ultra Vires

Module III:           Articles of Association

3.1     Content of Articles of Association

3.2     Distinction between MOA and AOA

3.3     Alteration of MOA and AOA

3.4     Doctrine of constructive Notice & Doctrine of Indoor Management

Module IV: Prospectus and Share Capital

4.1     Prospectus: Contents, Registration, liability for Mis-statements in prospectus, Civil and Criminal Liability.

4.2     Share capital: Kinds of capital and shares.

4.3     Member and Shareholders: Rights and Duties

Module V:   Company Directors, Managerial Persons and Company Meetings

5.1     Company Directors: Appointment, Removal, Legal Position, Powers, duties, Liabilities, Audit Committee, Independent directors.

5.2     Company Secretary and Managing Director – Duties and Liabilities

5.3     Company Meetings: Kinds, Notice, quorum, Directors Meeting.  

Module VI: Emerging Issues in Company Law

6.1     Director Identity Number (DIN), Corporate Identity Number (CIN) Online Filing & Registration

6.2     Corporate Governance

6.3     Corporate Social Responsibility

6.4     Insider Trading

6.5     National Company Law Tribunal 

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