Studying Law Makes One to Become Legal Professionals and Social Engineers

Hart Pomerantz rightly stated that the Law school taught me one thing how to take two situations that are the same and show how they are different. A person like Ambrose Bierce in his Devil Dictionary explained the definition of lawyer that he is skilled to help people to overcome difficult situations in a surreptitious way.  Generally, studying law means a lot for a person because the law is a medium to know the norms, rules, and rights of an individual. Some of the most eminent personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Abraham Lincoln, Franz Kafka, and so many others are from a legal background.  It can be stated that studying law not only makes one as legal professionals but also makes one a harbinger of social change.

Are you still feel confused about the right career choice and what will my career be after completing law programs like BA. LLB/BBA LLB, LLB, and LLM?. One should not feel so; the legal field is one of the fastest-growing professions in the present times around the globe and India in particular.  There is a keen interest to study law from various walks of life because of its various advantages for one’s career growth. Further, the law degree holders are preferred to occupy or hold the elite positions and the well-known fact is that some specific offices can be adorned by the law graduates only.

The Indian judiciary is one such example where other degree holders cannot get there. It is exclusively for law graduates.  It is a highly reputed job sector that not only offers material benefits but also brings prestige and fame in your life. Vacancies are galore in the Indian judicial system at present and there is a constant demand for a well-groomed and well- qualified legal professionals. In general, there are growing demands for lawyers, magistrates, and judges in our country because of the expansion of our economy and resultant social change in the era of globalization.

There are various kinds of law degree options available today.  One can obtain a three-year degree in law after completing graduation from any discipline.  Also, one can take admission in five years integrated course in law right after 10+2. Three major institutions in our country are offering law degree programs such as public universities, national law schools, and private universities.

SGT University is among the premier private university offering law programs for those aspirants who want to pursue their careers in law.  SGT University came into existence by the Haryana Private Universities (Amendment) Act No. 8 of 2013 making educational opportunities available to all segments of the society under the patronage of Dashmesh Educational Charitable Trust.  The university is propagating the primary message of “spread of learning is the best service to mankind”, as given by Shree Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the great philosopher and social reformer of our country.

SGT University is offering various undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in law through its Faculty of Law. No doubts,  after completing a law degree from the SGT University,   Sky is the limit as various legal career options are open to becoming lawyers, magistrates, judges, legal advisors, and so on.

Why Students should choose SGT University to study Law?

  • SGTU is offering quality education with maximum practical exposure to its students to make them true lawyers or law warriors.
  • Our Faculty of law is recognized by the Bar Council of India and UGC.
  • We have the best in the industry teachers who have ample experience in teaching in some of the most reputed universities in India.
  • The curriculum we are offering to our law students is designed by following the norms and guidelines circulated by the UGC and Bar Council of India.
  • SGT University has collaborated with law firms and distinguished law associations to provide live court hearing and proceedings experience to our students.
  • We are organizing seminars, workshops, and conferences with legal luminaries.
  • SGT University has inbuilt coaching modules for judicial services and civil services examination.
  • Our students are proving their capability through knowledge and skills by performing at moot courts competition held at SGT University every year where most of the reputed Law Schools participate and eminent personalities from the legal sector are invited to judge these competitions.
  • Moreover, to help and benefit people with their knowledge and skills students from SGT University also pay visits to the villages nearby and help people with legal advice and issues.

To know more about these programs such as eligibility criteria, admission process, and other queries you can visit our official website or contact us through the mail, phone, or social media platforms.