Prof. Rajan Rai 

Prof. Rajan Rai has about 45 years experience of teaching English literature and language at the undergraduate and the post graduate level. Besides teaching English Prof. Rajan Rai also taught French as an elective subject along with English classes to the undergraduate students from 1980-1985. It is pertinent to mention that alongside his teaching assignment, the Higher Education Department Haryana made Government College Gurgaon as the Nodal College in the state for conducting Orientation and Refresher Courses for Lecturers in Haryana. From 1993-1998 Prof. Rajan Rai was appointed the Coordinator of these career advancement courses.Before joining Faculty of Law at SGT University in Aug 2013. Professor Rajan Rai served as Principal for about 5 years at Government College Israna (Haryana), Government College Tohana (Haryana) and Government College Sidhrawali (Haryana) from where he retired in 2005 following which he served in ITM University till July 2013.

Prof. Rajan Rai wrote a book on English Grammar for students of BA-I and II in collaboration with other lecturers in 1980. He was the principal author of a book on Effective Communication Skills when he was teaching at ITM University. He has delivered several talks at All India Radio (AIR) Rohtak and has delivered extension lectures in many colleges in Haryana