Dr. Abdul Azim Akhtar

Dr. Abdul Azim Akhtar is an academic and researcher with more than 11 years of varied experience in teaching, research and corporate sector. He was Associate Professor with Glocal University, Saharanpur. He worked for the Shiv Nadar Foundation on the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art project.  He was associated with the Indian Council of Historical Research as Researcher. His areas of interests are legal History, regional History, art History, subaltern studies, tribals, minorities, comparative religion, conflict management and Peace Studies.

He holds PhD and UGC-NET in History. He was educated at the Centre for Advanced Study in History, Aligarh Muslim University-Aligarh, Patna University, and the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi. His research papers and articles have been published in national and international journals and include Serbian Studies Review. He is editorial board member with International Journal of Social Science Studies, USA.

He also contributed as journalist and editor for magazines and newspapers: A review of Indian Journalism CritiqueSwagat, Discover India, Naturalli, and Haute Wheels, Golf Style, National Herald (Delhi), Pioneer (Delhi), and Hindustan Times (Delhi & Patna), Explore the UnexploredThe Hindustan Review. He was researcher and writer for monographs: Time Unfolded- 2011; Open Doors- 2010; Viswanadhan-2007; AMBADAS-2008.

He is the author of Uprisings Against Colonialism in Jharkhand, 1830-1944 (2013), which was reviewed in The Hindu ( Delhi) & Free Press Journal ( Mumbai).