An Open House Discussionon on ‘Criminalising Marital Rape in India’

Faculty of Law of SGT University organised an Open House Discussionon on ‘Criminalising Marital Rape in India ‘on 17th January at the Seminar Hall of the Faculty of Law.

The event was curated by ‘Legal Manthan’– An Academic Association of the Students of the Faculty of Law. There were three student panellists from the Faculty who presented their papers on the theme of the discussion.  The papers of the panellists were well received and provoked an intense discussion among the audience which included students and the faculty members. As the martial rape is a contentious issue, it was a delight to see the active participation of the students.  The students debated in favour of criminalizing and decriminalizing the marital rape. The pros and cons of the law were deeply analysed.   Further, the discussion brought to the fore the procedural lapses and the existing legal ambiguities.

It was not only an informative and insightful discussion, but also sensitized the students of the Faculty of Law on marital rape.